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You have been through a lot!

You have been through an incredibly challenging time, being diagnosed with cancer and trying to come to terms with this shocking news and all the emotions that accompany it. Right now, as you have chosen specific treatments you may find yourself grappling with the following:

• How will I cope with these ongoing side-effects?

• How do I face each new day feeling tired, drained, ill and nauseous?

• Will this treatment work? What will I do if treatment fails or fails to work this time round?

Our average client’s success is achieved within 3 months to attack the cancer AND 9 months to heal the reasons.

Before you continue reading

we want to remind you that there is hope and you do have options. Whatever decisions you make going forward, its important to recognise the importance of your emotional and physical reactions with regards to any treatment decisions. Fear is absolutely normal; fear of side-effects, fear of your diagnoses, fear of failed treatment, fear of what the future holds. But remember: cancer is NOT a death sentence!

Medical insurance only covering conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and/or radiation and/or surgery to fit your business requirements

After your initial diagnoses, several factors likely played a role in your final decision. The following most likely impacts what you decide to do next:

Or perhaps you feel the pressure from your loved ones to undergo chemo and radiation as the only choice with a sense of credibility for cancer

Following doctors’ orders and hoping the current success rate of just 3% after undergoing chemo and radiation may just apply to you

Is alternative treatment a possibility and is it credible? If alternative treatment was effective then sportsman would not ever get cancer as they live the alternative treatment life daily

Is there a credible treatment option that doesn’t damage healthy cells whilst attacking cancer ?

Before you keep reading, we urge you to do your research, to weigh your options and to make an informed decision.

Your emotions

will play a role in your decision-making, and with those emotions let’s get to a rational decision:

  • Chemo & radiation - with side effects such as hair loss, immense damage to the healthy cells of your body, being sickly and a high failure rate with conventional treatment.
  • Surgery - which elicits a good emotion (a sense of relief) since the psychological reasoning we use is that the cancer is removed from our body, meaning the body will have a higher chance for recovery. A lot of cancerous mass may be removed but not necessarily all the cancer.
  • Hormonal treatments for cancers that respond to this type of treatment – side-effects such as weight change, and impotence, to name a few.

Conventional Treatments

Am I willing to put my life in the hands of non-medical approaches? Do these practitioners really know what they are talking about?

Choosing non-destructive treatments such as surgery PLUS some alternative approaches such as nutrition may in fact complement each other and lessen the emotional rollercoaster.

Alternative Treatment

Combination Treatments

No matter your choice of treatment, you NEED a STRATEGY to either:

Increase survival rate


Increase credibility and justification of your decision.

Whatever treatment you choose, we can help by:

Providing you with stand-alone treatment


Using our stand-alone treatment in combination with other treatments such as chemo and/or radiation and/or surgery and/or alternative treatment

“Because I got my father cancer-free in 2 months, I am enthusiastic to share my experience and expertise with you.”

Dr Raymond Venter

CEO of RoyalVibe Health

Dr. PhD in Natural Medicine; Doctor in Healthcare Science, BSC in Holistic Health Science

Board Certified at: American Association of Drugless Practitioners

The RoyalVibe standalone cancer treatment:

The pre-treat phase - We first identify the reasons (contributing factors) for your cancer.

AFTER we have analysed the reasons, we go straight into treatment, starting with urgent treatment which intensively attacks the cancer.

Step One

Step Two

First: ANALYZE to identify these reasons or contributing factors. We explore your current health status AND identify the combination of reasons for your cancer in order to rectify the reasons for the cancer in your body, as well as treating the cancer itself.

STEP 1: We first identify the reasons (contributing factors) for your cancer. This phase is called: THE PRE-TREAT PHASE

Contributing factors can be:

• Your immune system

• Nutritional shortages (Iron/ B6/ B12 etc)

• Lymph functioning

• Blood pH

• Spleen

• Thymus Gland and more

AFTER we have analysed the reasons, we go straight into treatment, starting with urgent treatment which intensively attacks the cancer. Now we have your personalized treatment recipe we can start with Step 2.


• Address nutritional shortages based on PRE-TREAT phase’s findings.

• Attack the cancer as diagnosed by your oncologist utilizing Focused UltraSound applied whilst you sleep

• Your body is in a vibrational state of repair whilst sleeping. Now you can undergo treatment in the comfort of your own bed.

• We use this healing state of sleep to your advantage while applying Focused Ultrasound treatment.

In our experience over many years, this phase of attacking the cancer has a history of success between 3 weeks and 18 months with an average of 3 months. If you are the average, you will enter the healing phase after 3 months.

When you are free from cancer, you enter Phase Two.

PHASE 2: HEAL YOUR CANCER REASONS to rectify the reasons your body is essentially making you sick.

• The reasons are ALL the contributing factors that caused your cells to become cancerous.

• Your immune system failed to kill that very first cancer cell, causing the body to be overpowered by an onslaught of cancer cells.

• We repeat our PRE-TREAT phase to identify the reasons and factors specifically required by your body to heal in order to achieve a permanent cancer-free environment.

This phase lasts on average 9 months before entering into Phase 3.



Phase 3 is an ongoing preventative and lifestyle strategy for maintaining health.

• If you have managed to change your environmental impact like food quality, air quality, as well as stress (financial, family, career and environmental), then you probably won’t need further assistance.

• BUT if you aren’t able to implement such drastic lifestyle or career changes, we continue with our maintenance phase of continuous analyzing (to monitor and adapt to your body’s progress) and Focused Ultrasound Maintenance Therapy.

Why is there cancer?

Cells can only be cancerous if there’s low energy and/or an imbalance thereof, in the body, as well as failure of cellular communication. Low energy comes from a lack of oxygen (80% of cell energy comes from oxygen).

The imbalance of energy is a result of over-stressed cells, (cells constantly in “fight or flight” mode - also knows as sympathetic mode) as well as free radicals that come from the environment e.g. stress, quality of food, radiation etc. (a free radical is an unpairing or imbalance of electrons in the atom).

Lack of cell communication is due to nutrition shortages, minerals and/or hydration shortages within the cells.


The same reason why an MRI (Magnetic Resonant Imaging) scan is used in hospitals is the reason that Focused Ultrasound treatment is effective.

PRE-TREAT PHASE: Like the MRI, the cells radiate a distinctive energy sound signal that is recorded for software to analyze and report on the status of the organ or gland function.

ATTACK PHASE: Cells resonating energy determines the MRI’s image and by increasing the energy on the tumor and/or cancer cell membrane, the temperature is increased to the point that it becomes destructive to the cell that is being targeted with the use of Focused Ultrasound.

HEALING PHASE: Ultrasound energy can be shaped to serve as a hammer to destroy, or be as gentle as an airbrush in order to heal. While being in the healing phase, the ultrasound is “shaped” to strengthen the radiating energy resonant within the cell to ultimately influence the health state of organs and glands. Simply put: ultrasound energy can be manipulated to effectively heal organs and glands.

PREVENTION PHASE: Once healing has taken place, ongoing maintenance of energy equilibrium must take place in order to prevent the deterioration of a cells’ functioning again responsible for health conditions such as cancer. It’s like the pacemaker of the resonating energy.

NOW you can strengthen your body and immune system to fight the cancer and do the job it was designed to do!


• NO damage to healthy cells.

• NO recovery needed whilst attacking cancer.

• NO side-effects such as hair loss, nausea, fatigue etc.

• NO invasive procedures.

• NO drugs!

• Treat at home whilst you sleep.

• Treat your cancer AND the reasons for your cancer.

• Use this treatment to improve conventional treatments such as chemo and radiation and actually assist your body to recover from the immense damage caused by such treatments

What makes our approach unique?

1. ATTACK your cancer.

2. HEAL the body back to its optimal state of health.

What else do you need to know?

If chemo or radiation is chosen: you must have our strategy to survive the destructive nature of that therapy. Chemo and radiation do not distinguish between the healthy and the cancerous cells. The fine balance in this type of therapy is to kill enough cancer cells before the point of no return for the healthy cells to cope.

If surgery is chosen: surgery focuses on removing a mass and not the individual cells that have turned to cancer. Therefore, you must add our treatment to zone in on the unseen cancer cells that cannot be removed surgically.

If alternative is chosen: you need our treatment to attack the cancer as well as heal the body and not hope that the alternative alone will be effective for cancer.

Why Focused Ultrasound should be added and is necessary when choosing the above treatments:

• Helps ATTACK cancer cells

• Assist the healthy cells to HEAL and regenerate

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